TreeTrekkers Is On A Mission…

…to create meaningful experiences that provide personal, social, educational and environmental benefits for the greater good of our community, and beyond



We seek – first and foremost – to unplug and reconnect people with the deeper relationships and experiences that come from investing our time and energy into what matters most: supportive relationships, good health… and getting to have a little bit of  fun now and then!


We strive to demonstrate the importance of continued, independent and experiential learning beyond the classroom, throughout all stages of life.
Our park, and part of  the experience we provide, is meant to encourage curiosity, exploration, and learning from the everyday, natural world around us.


We choose to act as responsible stewards of our environment. We believe that exposure to, and positive experiences with nature lead to a greater understanding and deeper appreciation of the importance of sustainability, protection and preservation efforts for the future.


We strive to establish ourselves as responsible members of the business community and contributors to the economic diversity and strength of our region. We believe that by showcasing the versatility of our unique business model, we can serve as an example of how mission-driven leadership can benefit all stakeholders involved.

TreeTrekkers is committed to these values through our everyday actions, choices and by our very design.

We strive to demonstrate the incredible value that responsible, sustainable businesses can contribute to a community, and its future.