TreeTrekkers Aerial Challenge & Zipline Park is set against the backdrop of 30 acres of beautiful, protected forest. The park consists of 3 main adventure climbing areas, each designed to offer a unique challenge geared toward different ages and experience levels.


  • The TimberTreks
  • TimberTreks is the main climbing area of the park (age 7+)
  • Offers 14 aerial courses of varying levels of difficulty – from beginner to expert!
  • CClimbers make their way along their chosen courses, and work their way up through the different levels of challenge.
  • Navigate over, under and through series of elements (including ziplines) as you move from platform to platform, soaring up to over 65ft above the forest floor!


  • WanderWeb
  • The WanderWeb is a separate course for beginners of all ages
  • Designed primarily for younger climbers (ages 5-9) and first-timers
  • Ideal for private group events and birthday parties, the WanderWeb offers climbers the chance to climb side-by-side with their friends and family.
  • Climbers take on tunnels, bridges, the spider web net and racing zips!


  • MunchkinMeadow-Date TBD
  • Munchkin Meadow offers ground-play areas and elements
  • Designed for the youngest of our future climbers to explore
  • It’s the perfect introduction to adventure climbing and natural outdoor play
  • A great way for little adventures to become familiar with the experience and practice the skills they’ll need to tackle the higher courses in the future!



Difficulty Level:
Very Easy

The 2 purple courses consist of simple element spans, rising to approx. 15ft above the ground. No ziplines on these courses.


Difficulty Level: Easy/Average

The 4 yellow courses consist of 8-12 beginner-level element spans (including ziplines), and reach heights of 15-25 ft above the ground.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

4 Green Courses consist of 10-15 moderately difficult elements and reach heights of up to 35 ft above the ground. 2 courses end in leap-of-faith jump.


Difficuty Level: Difficult

The Blue Course consists of 15+ difficult elements – requiring significant strength and endurance – and up to over 50ft above the ground.


Difficulty Level:

The Black and Double Black Diamond Courses consist of 18-21 elements that present extreme challenge and strength. Climbers are rewarded with views from approx. 65ft above the forest floor.


Zip-line Course : Easy/Fun

The Red Zip Course consists of zip-line spans ranging from 50-250ft long, flying high at almost 40ft above the forest floor.

The TimberTreks

Timbertreks is the main course area of the park, and offers 14 aerial courses all originating from the main starting platform. Climbers make their way along their chosen courses, navigating their way through a series of elements as they move from platform to platform among the trees.

Once they’ve completed a course, they can follow the trails back to the starting platform and choose their next course. Courses range from beginner to expert, and are identified by a the corresponding color designation. Climbers progressively work through the courses at their own pace and level of comfort.

Each course can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on individual experience.This area of the park is designed for ages 7+. Lower courses offer a balanced mix of fun and challenge, while the blue and black diamond courses are designed for those looking for a serious test of physical strength and endurance.

How high do you think you will go?

The WanderWeb

The WanderWeb is a separate area, designed primarily for younger climbers (under age 10), that is ideal for private group events and birthday parties.

Rather than moving through a series of elements along a single-direction course, here the climber is presented with a web-like structure, where a different obstacle awaits in each direction.

Climbers move through the web by choosing and creating their own paths, while climbing side-by-side with their friends as a group.



The Climber Experience

Being able to choose the challenge level that’s right for you means that everyone in your group can confidently participate in an adventure experience like no other!

Teams work together, families support each other, and friends challenge one another –but ultimately everyone finds their own way.